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IMPACT Overview


A view from our Chief Executive, Amelia Beattie

We introduce IMPACT, our ESG value proposition.

The factors of ESG are not new to our business, evidenced in our market leading initiatives and focus on achieving operational efficiencies. IMPACT allows us to package these factors under one umbrella offering to ensure efficient reporting. IMPACT is also our commitment to quality, business growth and sustainability, while creating shared value for all our stakeholders.

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Click here to view our IMPACT presentation to the Green Building Council.

As Liberty Two Degrees, we have been proactive about disclosure, particularly in relation to environmental, social and governance (ESG) indicators since listing.

The real estate industry is ever evolving and in a place of uncertainty. Despite the disruption caused by the pandemic, it is the opportunities that we have identified in these conditions that propel us forward. Quality is familiar territory for our business and our commitment to quality, which predates the pandemic, has seen us navigate the current crisis and remain future ready.

Through IMPACT, we understand that ESG continues to redefine the role of our company in society. We acknowledge the value of addressing ESG concerns that are material to our company as part of our business practices and in our endeavour to achieving operational excellence. We believe, in line with growing evidence, that ESG factors contribute to long-term sustainable financial performance. A careful consideration is therefore given to our ESG business strategy, risk management, compliance and performance to ensure that we are able to deliver long-term value for the organisation as well as our stakeholders. IMPACT is supported by an effective board oversight, a key imperative in strategically identifying any ESG related issues and monitoring performance against goals set.

We have developed a purposeful culture to driving our ESG efforts and we have aligned our vision and purpose accordingly. We believe IMPACT reinforces our competitive advantage.

We have developed and continue to develop capacity around IMPACT as a priority and a key driver to value creation.

Key ways in which we have integrated IMPACT into our strategic processes include:

  • Policies and risk management systems incorporate ESG components
  • Board oversight to ESG practices, with effective measurement tools and risk indicators
  • Integration into strategic planning
  • Deliberate and purposeful pursuing of initiatives and services that consider an ESG impact
  • Ensure strict ESG requirements are met by suppliers in all operations
  • Leveraging of internal and external ESG practices to ensure alignment and that L2D People live the company’s ESG practices

We aim to continue driving our leadership role in environmental sustainability matters in line with our market leading Good Spaces initiatives as certified by the Green Building Council of South Africa. In the matters of social sustainability, focus remains on supporting our passionate people to drive execution excellence in line with our values of Passion Accountability, Care and Excellence (PACE). We embrace our role in society as an active contributor to building thriving communities, ensuring our contribution is meaningful and sustainable. We are committed to positive transformation and economic development, offering impactful solutions that make a difference in the lives of the SMEs we support and the lives we impact. L2D is fully committed to the application of and compliance to the highest ethical standards. Our governance practices aim to build legitimacy through ethical leadership, reputation management and the adoption of an inclusive approach to business.

I am confident in the future for L2D.

Amelia Beattie
Chief Executive, Liberty Two Degrees


Good Spaces

“We need to stop acting as though the earth is a bottomless pit of resources, or that we will wait for someone else to do it – we need to start acting like what we do matter. That’s the importance of grassroots actions. It’s not that our composting will empty landfills of food waste, it is more about the changed minds and hearts that may influence others, so that we could speedily and meaningfully make a difference.” – Amelia Beattie, Liberty Two Degrees Chief Executive

Our shopping malls are ecosystems that provide trading and experiential environments for some of the world’s most iconic brands as well as brands in high demand. With this in mind, we understand the importance of partnering with our stakeholders to accelerate our positive impact on the climate and our natural environment through our Good Spaces building block.

We remain bold in driving our net zero commitments, which is evident at a number of our business operations. We continue to reduce carbon emissions, water usage and waste generation as we move towards achieving our net zero 2030 target. We plan to achieve net zero waste by the end of 2021, net zero water by 2025 and net zero energy by 2030. The supportive waste initiatives have already been implemented to help us realise our net zero waste 2021 target, these include:

Net Zero waste 2021
  • A first for the SA retail industry, our entire portfolio is Green Building Council of South Africa certified, with the Sandton City Precinct is certified by the GBCSA as the first 6-Star Green Star rated super-regional shopping centre in Africa. Read the press release here
  • We have introduced a policy banning single-use plastic bags, straws and balloons across all our malls from January 2020
  • Liberty Two Degrees is also a member of the SA Plastics Pact which seeks to enable a circular economy for plastics
  • Best in class waste management facilities at Sandton City
  • Smart water and electricity meters have been installed across the portfolio
  • Solar PV panels have been installed at Liberty Midlands Mall and Eastgate Shopping Centre
  • Reverse vending machines were installed at Sandton City, offering customers an opportunity to recycle waste and earn money while making recycling a part of their daily routine.
  • Eastgate Shopping Centre’s rooftop comprises of the Aquaponics Farm District which utilises smart new technologies to provide sustainable solutions to food production and food security for customers, offering 100 per cent natural and fresh produce at the source. This is a first for shopping centres in Africa.
  • We also launched the “Be The Change” campaign in November 2019. This is an initiative that aims to educate and inspire people to improve their attitude to making a meaningful and sustainable difference to preserve the environment. The campaign has been rolled out across all our co-owned malls, complemented by an extensive set of initiatives to educate the public

Net Zero water 2025

South Africa is a country with scarce water resources, we try to alleviate the demands of our buildings on the local water supply where possible. To this end, we have a number of installations at the buildings in our portfolio. The following initiatives support our net zero water 2025 target:

  • We have installed a rainwater harvesting and borehole collection and treatment plant at Liberty Promenade as well as at Liberty Midlands Mall. This reduces the mall’s potable water requirements and delivers water to bathroom flush fixtures, ablution facilities and for irrigation purposes.
  • At Sandton City, we have commissioned condensation harvesting systems from the centre’s air-conditioning system. The water that is retrieved is integrated into the centre’s car wash facilities, where it is used to provide a service to customers and creates job opportunities, but at a lower cost to the environment.

Net Zero Energy 2030

South Africa faces the reality that the national power utility is currently unable to supply electricity consistently and without interruption. This has necessitated our proactive investment to mitigate risk and ensure business continuity, while taking the decisive strategic steps to reduce the electricity consumption at our retail properties. Our net zero carbon 2030 strategy is achieved through improved energy efficiency, retrofitting buildings, implementing renewable energy projects and offsetting any remaining carbon emissions in the long-term.

Initiatives that support our net zero energy 2030 target

  • We have adopted renewable energy as a way to reduce our carbon impact on the environment. A 1MW rooftop solar PV plant has been commissioned at Eastgate Shopping Centre and Liberty Midlands Mall
  • We have also installed smart energy metering at Sandton City, Nelson Mandela Square, Liberty Promenade, Liberty Midlands Mall and Eastgate Shopping Centre which assist in obtaining usage audits and help us set energy and usage reduction targets and benchmarks in collaboration with our tenants.

Click here for more on Good Spaces


Our People

L2D Employee experience framework

Our philosophy is to put our people at the heart of everything we do and encourage inspired, passionate and empowered people that maintain a balanced life. Our leadership focus is on delivering results while challenging each person to take ownership of their performance, their learning and growth and the extent to which they are able to make a meaningful and productive contribution.

We ensure that we support our people in building their capabilities, while enabling them to lead from wherever they are. Our people practices are geared to supporting this culture in the organisation and towards achieving outcomes that are aligned to our overall strategy. We strive to keep our values of Passion, Accountability, Care and Excellence core to the way in which we work together.

Investing in our communities

Our approach to sustainability is driven by 360º stakeholder engagement. This approach includes our communities where we are investing in the communities where we operate and where the portfolio is socially active. We drive our social investment projects through our impact campaign, #CreateTomorrow, which aims to rebuild tomorrow for South Africans by paying it forward.

The communities served by the nationwide shopping centres are at the very heart of the #CreateTomorrow campaign, as #CreateTomorrow serves to support them through enriching and impactful initiatives amid the COVID-19 pandemic. #CreateTomorrow calls on us all to be custodians of this new chapter and unite in building tomorrow, together.

Refer to our IMPACT Value Proposition to view some of our #CreateTomorrow initiatives.

Through Safe Spaces, we show a duty of care and continue to set the standards for the shopping centre industry in Africa

  • Sandton City Precinct and Eastgate Shopping Centre have been SHORE certified and internationally recognised as safe retail destinations by the certification body SAFE Asset Group. Both super-regional centres have been awarded Gold Level Excellence for their ability to prevent, adapt, respond to, recover and learn from operational disruptions.
    • Sandton City scored the highest global safety and security rating against 180 international assets.
  • The L2D portfolio is certified as fully COVID Compliant by, SAFE Asset Group, further recognising our commitment to delivering the best possible experience to our shoppers, tenants and service providers.

At L2D, we embed an ethical culture across our operations as well as our financial reporting. Our corporate governance practices aim to build legitimacy through ethical leadership, reputation management and the adoption of an inclusive approach to business.

  • Liberty Two Degrees Limited is listed on the JSE
  • We have converted to a Corporate REIT to better align to our stakeholders’ preferences
  • We are committed to reporting transparently, reflecting the true nature of our operations
  • Our consistently applied prudent capital management strategy, supported by quality assets, delivers value
  • We continue to seek out opportunities in the market for the short, medium and long-term, with the aim of unlocking shareholder value.

Contact information

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