Several factors which remain of utmost importance to the sustainability of the business relate to delivering value through sustainable financial results, cost management, caring for the environment and stakeholder management.

Delivering value through sustainable financial results
L2D remains committed to delivering robust returns to its investors over the medium to long-term. This goal is supported by the nature of the properties held by L2D which are premium and iconic in the communities which they serve, contributing to L2D’s financial robustness. The quality of these properties ensures that these shopping centres remain prime lifestyle and leisure destinations even during tough economic cycles.
Cost management
We continuously seek to implement cost management initiatives to ensure we avoid wasteful expenditure. Careful cost management has enabled us to maintain cost to income ratios that are consistent with prior periods and better manage usage.
Caring for the environment
L2D understands the impact that large-scale commercial properties, which attract millions of consumers annually, can have on access to resources and the natural environment (especially given their significant carbon footprints).

The demand for resources is fast outgrowing the limited supply and combined with the social, political and economic challenges in South Africa, increases the need to reduce the dependency on resources to engage in more sustainable, self-generation methods.

L2D has committed significant capital resources to improve the environmental sustainability of the assets. L2D is implementing a comprehensive sustainability programme to ensure that the consumption of resources is being managed efficiently through waste management, renewable energy and water management initiatives.

Stakeholder management
We continue to focus on understanding and improving relationships with stakeholders who are directly and indirectly involved in our trading activities, as well as the complexities around the management of these relationships.

CSI Initiatives

We remain committed to making a sustainable and positive contribution to the communities in which we operate. Education remains the core focus of the initiatives we support, we have thus implemented several social development programmes to help address the challenges pertaining literacy among children.


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